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Is it possible to envisage the fear of a person ill with cancer, who perfectly realises the imminence of the looming demise? Not quite, I believe. ┬áNo anti-drug campaign, no anti-tobacco action, no cancer awareness program will serve its role fully ever, unless the experiences depicted by them have not been a part of a personal history. However, after my Mother’s death, numerous articles and websites read I may have a faint impression of what she might have thought having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After something like that, even a stupid flatulence gives you the creeps and raises suspicions that you may have inherited it.

Do you want to put a beginning drug abuser off addiction? Make him spend a week among those who will not recover. Do you want to make somebody stop smoking? Make him witness the suffering and death of a chain smoker who gave himself lung cancer. Works like a friggin’ charm.