Cancer scare works miracles!

by electrizer

I’m having my ultrasound today. Second one this year. The death of your mother preceded by two weeks of suffering makes you look after your health like never before… I would have never suspected it should I was not experiencing it. Every headache, every constipation, every stomachache, you ascribe to a tumorous mutant cosily living off you somewhere in your intestines. Even saw a psychologist regarding that but after the appointment which looked more like a chat with the granny who wishes you well I decided I’m clever and well-read enough to tackle my problems myself.

So I started looking after myself. Conscientiously preparing ginger tea, enough to be able to have one cup a day, took up jogging. This was particularly amazing for me. After trying some running only on an indoors treadmill and persuading myself that I was too heavy and unfit to start it, one day I just thought that I should get running shoes and just… start. And I’ve been running ever since. First a shorter route, for about 25 minutes, and then the longer one 5 m/8 km, every second day. And the advice I got from a friend of mine, an avid runner, was three-fold:

  1. Never listen to your excuses. If this is your scheduled running day just go out and run.
  2. Never stop. You may slow down but don’t stop.
  3. Have SOME water before, and only SOME right after. Not too much or it’ll bloat you and make you want to pee.

This, however simple, turned out to be invaluable. I have also started eating much better, although this had been going on since a bit earlier. No bread, just Ryvitas, a lot of veggies and fruit, a lot of grain-based fibre-rich products, porridge, natural yogurt instead of the flavored one. One advice I heard from a nutritionist/personal trainer somewhere in the enchanting land of Youtube was “everything that’s advertised is bad for you” and although I feel through the skin it may be a bit of a long-shot, there is something to it. Later I moved on to structuring my diet, having a slightly bigger (but not heavy) breakfast, a snack 3 hours later, light lunch, a snack, and possibly something very light like a salad or a porridge in the early evening. More often but less, is the key gals and lads!

The effect? From 97 kg (213 lbs) at the beginning of Oct down to 90 kg (198 lbs) today. And I was surprised how easy that was. No supplements, no powdered miracles, no Acai berries. Just good food and DISCIPLINE! Up yours, cancer!

Now I’m off to the hospital to find out I have a malignant brain tumor… Kidding 😛