Dear reader, welcome to my therapy…


My name is Przemek (/p∫emek¬/) and I live in London, UK. Here, I drum for a band called Bright Color Vision, here I have lived for five years now during which time I got married to the most wonderful woman I have ever met, my Mother passed away from cancer, my Father has re-married, my Stepfather has been struggling with my Brother’s behavior and education and supported him in his passion for sound engineering, I received my MA degree in linguistics from University College London, I got fat, I lost weight and have worked in two 5-star hotels downtown.

I’m a self-taught drummer and music writer (yes, music writer, not a composer, as the latter requires much more knowledge), qualified translator who has recently rekindled his love for books. Fan of every sort of art which is natural, non-pretentious, organic (boy I hate this word), visceral, be it music, visual, whatever. For years I have tried to eradicate two notions from my brain: “religion” and “politics.” Not that I’m an atheist, as this is accepting the notion of god but rejecting to believe in one. I just don’t see the need for cluttering your vocabulary like this. But feel free to believe what you want if it helps you to be a better human being. Same goes for politics…

My Bernard Pivot questionnaire:

1. Favorite word – conniption (updated 30 Dec 2011)

2.  Least favorite word – no

3. What turns you on – honesty

4. What turns you off – sweat-smelling girl (yuck…)

5. Favorite curse word – cunt

6. Noise you love – laughing baby

7. Noise you hate – slamming doors

8. Which other profession would you attempt – psychologist

9. Which profession you’d not like to do – politician

10. What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? – Everybody is a cunt…